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CD - Little Monsters

Little Monsters is the first album from Paris Obscur.
Jewel case, 12 pages booklet with all the lyrics.
15 songs, more than 1 hour of music and a travel through emotions.

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17,00 €

Little Monsters is the first album from the french artist Paris Obscur.

This opus represents two years of hard and daily work, thousands of hours spent writing music, finding the best sound for each instrument, the best settings ... and start it all over again. Thrice.
But, aside the technical aspect, Little Monsters is the result of a (short but full) life of happiness, sadness, emotions, pain, violence sometimes too.

All this is what you will find in discovering this authentic, precious and rare album.

Everything starts the day you remark in your mailbox, among the bills and publicities, a strange white letter with a soft and quilted touch. Is it the disc you have ordered ?

Once the envelope opened, the pleasure starts with the eyes, with a product that has been very carefully designed and crafted : jewel case, a 12 pages booklet with the lyrics of all the songs and exclusive artwork from the artist. The quality and feel of the paper comforts you in the idea to now own a very precious object, for which every detail has been carefully thought of.

The design of the disc in itself will surprise you by the attention to details : a background that lets you see, when you get closer, what seems to be the tapestry of an old abandoned mansion, legal notices shaped like a moon, and the name of the songs spilling out of the title, like tears or blood. You choose.

Then comes this awaited moment when you insert the disc in your player. You finally penetrates the so particular universe of Paris Obscur. Unlike most emerging artists, this first album doesnt hold 5, 8 or 10 songs but 15. Fifteen. Over more than one hour of music. Most discs produced by the prestigious major companies and label will not offer you as much. About this, you can discover on that page the price policy of Paris Obscur who also innovates about this aspect of his work.

1 heure has just gone by. You just listened to Paris Obscur for the first time. Thank you and congratulations.

List of songs on the album :

1. You Say
2. Girl
3. A Dream
4. The Darkness Of My Soul
5. Beauty
6. Circus
7. A Voice
8. Little Monster
9. I Know
10. The Death
11. You Will See
12. Obsessions
13. Hell
14. The End
15. Lonely